Say Hello to the Lake District Pound

Did you know the Lake District now has its own currency and you can get yours from our Windermere Tourist Information Centre?

It’s a fun way of exploring the area and helping our local communities!







How does the LD£ work?

The LD£ is a local currency which you can swap one-for-one with Sterling and spend in local businesses. This means every time you use your LD£ you are supporting independent, unique businesses which help keep our area special.

There are over 220 businesses involved across the Lakes, with more joining the community all the time – that means lots of opportunities to have fun using the LD£ to explore attractions, cafes, restaurants, pubs, campsites and more!

Look out for the LD£ symbol in the window and go to for a full list of participating businesses.







Where can I get them?

You can swap your Sterling for the beautiful LD£ at our Windermere Tourist Information Centre, as well as at Windermere Post Office.

A full list of exchange points is available at

Have fun on the LD£ Passport Trail







You can get your very own LD£ Passport and collect unique stamps from the businesses you visit to show just how much you love them.

Look out for the special LD£ Passport stickers in the windows of participating businesses and why not come and pick up your first stamp at Windermere Tourist Information Centre!







Can I swap my LD£ back if I don’t want to keep them?

Yes! It’s easy to swap back your LD£ at one of the exchange points.

The LD£ are valid for a year until the end of January. However, new currency with new designs are going to be launched in December so you can swap your old LD£ for new ones if you like.

What happens if I keep my LD£?

Every LD£ you keep as memento of your time in the Lake District helps create proceeds which are put towards funding two local charities; the Cumbria Community Foundation and the Lake District Foundation. It’s a fun way to give back and help look after our people and places!

Where can I find out more?

For more information go to You can also keep up to date with the news about the LD£ at:

Twitter: @lakespound

Facebook: @lakedistrictpound

Instagram: @lakedistrictpound